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When you make FaceTime calls on iPhone and iPad, recipients see your caller ID—an email or phone number. If that caller ID isn’t what they expect, they won’t know who’s calling. Here’s how to change your caller ID.

当您在iPhone和iPad上进行FaceTime通话时,收件人会看到您的呼叫者ID(电子邮件或电话号码)。 如果该呼叫者ID不是他们所期望的,他们将不知道谁在呼叫。 更改来电显示的方法如下。

When you call someone using FaceTime, your caller ID is the email or phone number that appears on their screen. If you have many email addresses associated with your Apple ID, then there’s even more chance that you’re calling people with one they don’t recognize. That could lead to calls going unanswered, or an unexpected email address being shared with someone you don’t want to have it.

当您使用FaceTime呼叫某人时,您的呼叫者ID是其屏幕上显示的电子邮件或电话号码。 如果您有许多与Apple ID相关联的电子邮件地址,那么您很有可能会用他们不认识的人给他们打电话。 这可能导致电话无法接听,或者与您不想要的人共享了意外的电子邮件地址。

Changing the caller ID that is used when you initiate a new FaceTime call is a relatively simple process, and here’s how to go about doing it.


To start, open the Settings app and tap “FaceTime.”

首先,打开“设置”应用,然后点击“ FaceTime”。

Open Settings. Tap FaceTime

Note that email addresses will only appear if you are signed in with your Apple ID, so make sure you’re signed in and tap the “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime” button if not.

请注意,只有在使用Apple ID登录后,电子邮件地址才会显示,因此请确保您已登录,如果没有,请点击“使用Apple ID用于FaceTime”按钮。

Tap Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime

Next, tap the number or email address you want to use as your caller ID under the “Caller ID” section.


Select the number or address you want to use

And that’s all there is to it. Now, when you start a new FaceTime video or voice call, the phone number or email address you just selected will be the one used as your caller ID which means it will be the one your recipient will see, too.

这就是全部。 现在,当您开始一个新的FaceTime视频或语音呼叫时,您刚刚选择的电话号码或电子邮件地址将用作您的呼叫者ID,这也将成为您的收件人也可以看到的那个。

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